Why music taste matters in any relationship

Updated: Mar 14

We all have our own music preferences, whether it’s genre, the time of day, place or volume we like to listen to our favorite songs - we all have our own unique preference.

In 2007, researchers conducted an experiment in which individuals were asked to meet strangers in a chat room with the goal of getting to know the other person. After compiling all of the transcripts, it became evident that music was the most popular topic of conversation. This is because most people feel that a person's taste in music reflects their personality and is a good way to determine compatibility.

According to a survey done by Badoo, 70% of people believe that having a shared taste in music is important in an ideal match – many believe it can unite people together.

Since most of us can’t go a day without listening to music, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to be in a friendship or relationship with someone who listens to music you can’t stand.

Imagine this: It’s finally the weekend after a long week of work. You are going on a 3 hour road trip with your other half or friends. You are so excited to spend some quality time with them and have even prepared a bomb playlist for you to listen to.

They pick you up and ask if it’s okay if they put some music on - you think why not?

You immediately regret your decision - they let you know they love country music and proceed to put a song on that literally makes your ears bleed.

It’s still early days, you're not so close yet and you don’t want to hurt their feelings... so you say nothing. You spend the rest of the car ride listening to the worst songs you have ever heard in your life. The worst part? They stay stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend.

Music taste is important in any kind of relationship because it can help you bond. For a long lasting connection, it’s crucial that you enjoy spending time together having fun and exploring your common interests. Going to concerts, festivals or gigs together is one way to enjoy each other’s company but with a shared interest.

Imagine a road trip where you vibe to the same music and sing the lyrics together.

Music taste is of course not the most important factor, but it can be significant to creating long lasting memories and bonding with people.

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