5 Music Genres and What They Reveal About You

Music taste is always subjective. It can intensify our feelings, whether we're sad, happy, nostalgic, or anything else. It's hardly surprising that the music we listen to reveals a lot about who we are as individuals and how we deal with feelings, problems, and emotions.

Several researchers have been interested in music preferences and personality.

Adrian North, a professor at Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University, decided to conduct a three-year study to see whether there was a link between personalities and music taste.

It's somewhat difficult to pin down a person's specific personality and most individuals listen to a variety of musical genres, but they tend to gravitate toward one in particular.

North's findings regarding personality and music preferences can be found here:


R&B draws a lot of extroverted, sociable listeners. If you enjoy R&B music, you are someone who truly listens to your heart!

You have no fears about expressing your feelings. Especially the feelings evoked by the music.


Metal fans have particular characteristics that are the polar opposite of pop enthusiasts (which is not surprising).

If you enjoy metal, you are probably introverted and intuitive. This implies you live in a world of ideas and reflection, and you can comprehend and digest new information without it being tangible.

That's quite intriguing!


Classical music lovers have a strong sense of intuition as well as a solid sense of self-esteem.

When you're intuitive, you're more likely to trust information that isn't based on your senses. Instead, you think about what could happen in the future or look for trends. The high level of self-confidence speaks for itself!

The stereotype about classical music lovers being smarter than other music fans is also true. This is referred to as "The Mozart Effect”.


EDM encompasses a wide spectrum of genres, however, fans of all types of EDM have a few common characteristics.

Electronic dance music listeners are extroverted and friendly. This is hardly surprising, given that EDM is now generally recognised all over the world. It’s a new kind of pop that makes the crowds go crazy!

Rap & Hip-hop

Rap & Hip-hop lovers like being sociable and going out to parties, much like your pop-listening buddies.

You exude a strong level of self-esteem in addition to your lively and rhythmic demeanour.

Do you think this is accurate? Comment below your music genre and if you identify with these personality traits!

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