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Music brings solidarity and taps into your deepest emotions

Music has a unique quality. Some refer to it as a global language, while others refer to it as a window into the soul. We used to gift mix-tapes (cassettes) to people we secretly loved or had a crush on since words couldn't describe our sentiments. In music, we employed emotion. And little has changed.

Facebook added the “I'm listening to” status update option, while Instagram now allows you to post your favourite music in your stories. Sharing music has grown much simpler in recent years, and it is clear that music has taken on an increasingly significant role. And for many people, including companies, music is an extension of themselves.

Music is a method of communication. It's a method of conveying a narrative, and studies indicate that music connects people in ways that words seldom can, virtually acting as a social glue. Most of us can agree that finding someone who shares our musical tastes is one of the finest things that can happen, resulting in a deeper connection and, in most cases, an emotional tie. But what is it about music that moves us and evokes our innermost emotions?

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology research have been critical in unravelling the secrets surrounding music and human emotions during the last few decades.

The connection between music and memory is enthralling. Songs from the past have the potential to evoke strong emotions and recollections. It's a sensation that virtually everyone has had: hearing a piece of music from decades ago transports you back to a certain point in time, almost like stepping into a time machine. Everything comes across as incredibly real, as if you were there.To get a deeper understanding of how music affects our emotions, we examine two of its most profound psychological responses: memory and emotion.

To give you an example: I remember going to my first concert when I was 13 years old because I was extremely happy and paired that strong emotion with a particular song Robin thicke sang. That event happened over 5 years ago, yet in a weeks time, I probably won’t remember what I had for Dinner today since I have no strong emotion paired to me eating a ham sandwich.

So now you have a better understanding of your brain on music!

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