Say Goodbye to Social Anxiety in a Post-Pandemic World With WOO!

What the world will be like after lockdown with no socialization in person after a year!

We’re almost there… a post-pandemic world is almost a reality. Just a few more months, and we can finally say goodbye to Zoom calls, social distancing, and a blank social calendar. Get ready to say hello to the start of the festival season, as BBQ’s, gigs, and outdoor events are back - and hopefully, they’re here to stay. Whether you’re into heavy metal, K-pop or Burning Man, after months of social distancing, don’t let social anxiety put you off. In this article, we’re going to discuss how WOO!, the app to meet new friends, has been designed to empower individuals to join forces, connect, and thrive in a post-pandemic summer.

The Great British Lockdown

June 21 marks the fourth step in the roadmap and the earliest point at which the country could return fully to normal living.

The great British lockdown has had a huge impact on how we go about our daily lives. For many out there, the time without our family and closest friends has been a challenge but, in some ways, this lockdown has been a blessing. It’s reminded us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like cooking a tasty meal, baking fresh bread, and the beautiful nature we have all around us.

However, months of staying indoors has had a significant impact on our mental health, especially when it comes to social anxiety. The BBC recently reported a sharp rise in mental

health problems across all age-groups in 2020. In adults, the proportion of individuals showing symptoms of depression has almost doubled since the start of the pandemic, according to the Office for National Statistics. (1)

The inability to socialize and meet up with loved ones, whether at a restaurant, football match, or concert, has certainly had an impact on mental health, and how we socialise after the pandemic. And as we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, the idea of socialising is somewhat of a new concept. The good news? There are apps like WOO! that have been specifically designed to combat all issues of social anxiety.

Connect, Meet-up, Download WOO!

Depending on if the government deems it to be safe, the large seated stadiums that can properly space out fans will be allowed up to 10,000 people or to be a quarter full, whichever is lower.

We Brits flooded social media with hilarious memes and tweets as we celebrated Mr Johnson’s tentative plans to ease all restrictions by June 21. It means that we’re now able to get back to what we Britons know and love - trips to the pub, football matches, nightclubs, concerts, and all in all, proper celebrations - but you know, the type where you’re able to actually get closer than two meters to somebody.

WOO!, the app to meet new friends has arrived at such a perfect time, especially for those looking to easily get back to what really matters in life - having FUN! It’s specifically designed to connect you to people who love the same music, listen to the same artists, and will even match you both to events in your area so you can purchase tickets and book directly through the application. It’s truly the perfect solution to easy socialising after the pandemic.

It’s here to get every single event fanatic excited for June 21st. Nightclubs are back, festivals are back, good times and amazing memories...yup! They’re back!

It’s time to meet new friends, it’s time to bring back your party free mood, it’s time to sign up to download WOO! Going on your own is no longer an option. Click here to be one of the first to be notified, and download this incredible app as soon as it launches.

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