How to Get Your Social Life Together After a Year on Pause

As the world starts to open back up and try to return to normal, opportunities for socializing and meeting up with people are starting to become available.

Even though many miss their lives pre-covid, it’s hard to get back in the swing of things after such a long time. Many people are feeling anxious about socializing and meeting people again after all this time - which is completely understandable!

Here are some tips to help you get your social life back together after a long break:

Start with something low-key

It's important to gently reintroduce yourself back into a social environment, just as you would with any other activity you resume after a break - you have to warm up first.

You may feel overwhelmed if you suddenly plunge into the deep end of your social life, take things step by step.

It's natural to be nervous about putting yourself out there, but the experience should be positive and enjoyable overall. Don't put too much pressure on yourself by overcommitting too quickly. Look for a low-key event near you, for example, something in a park.

Find people in a similar situation as yourself

It’s always easier to talk to people who are in the same boat as you. At least you’ll have something in common to talk about and you can relate to each other which definitely makes things easier. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone in a social setting and having nothing to talk about - how awkward. To avoid having nothing to say because you have nothing in common, try to find people who are similar to yourself.

For example, if you’re a student try to connect with other students, you can do this through different apps or even through your school organizations.

Connect with people that have the same interests

Spend time engaging in group activities that you would like even if you were alone, this will help you feel motivated to put yourself out there. Pursuing group activities that interest you can make you look forward to doing them, and meeting people will feel less like a chore.

For example, if you like music and would enjoy going to music events like concerts and festivals you can find people to go with with the app WOO!.

The app matches you with people who have similar taste in music so you can go with another person or as a group to different music events that you’ll all enjoy.

Stick to your plans

Following through on your plans and making a regular effort are the most difficult aspects of putting yourself out there in the social scene.

It’s normal to get nervous close to the date of the plans and feeling like canceling because it's easier to stay at home. This is why it’s important to not overdo it, know your limits and capacity. Don’t make plans for every day of the week, start by meeting one weekend for example. Try to stay committed to your plans, if you’re in good health, you’re meeting with fun people and you’re going to do something you’re interested in just go for it, you can always leave early if you’re not having fun.

The more you put yourself out there, the easier it will become. Since practically the whole world has been indoors for over a year, I think most people are rusty in regards to their social skills. Try not to stress and don’t push yourself too hard, it will get easier over time.

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