Everything You Need to Know About How and When Concerts Will Return

I think all music lovers can agree that concerts are heavily missed. Although there have been attempts to create virtual concerts it's just not the same.

Some of the best, happiest, and oldest memories are ones surrounded by music. Whether it was your first concert, your first music festival, or the best show you’ve ever seen, there’s something magical about it. It's always amazing seeing how many people are here for the same reason. Everyone there has something in common and that is the concert that they'll never forget.

Hearing your favorite songs performed live allows you to forget about your troubles and focus only on the present moment, smiling at the artist or band and reflecting on how grateful you are for music. You're in love with life at that point, and it doesn't matter who knows it.

And while you're in that state, you normally don't notice or think about how you look or sound when dancing or singing, while concentrating only on how happy you are.

Nothing beats hearing a song live, no matter how many times you've heard it before. Concerts are a much different experience than singing in the shower, in the car, or at a Karaoke night. Attending a concert is something that anyone can do, especially if the sun is shining and the concert is held outdoors.

As the world starts to return to “normal”, certain events such as concerts and live music are put into question. With the expected reopening of nightclubs in the UK on June 21st, the opening of other music venues is expected to appear on the covid lockdown roadmap.

It's almost surprising that concerts are already re-emerging but it makes sense since nightclubs and other entertainment venues will soon be opening.

The Government has said the opening of nightclubs and large venues will be subject to the results of a scientific events research programme. This means that although music venues will be allowed to open again eventually, they might not be the same as before.

Here’s what you can expect:

The effect on the entertainment industry has been devastating, and billions of pounds have been lost. Although it seems unrealistic to allow concerts to go on again, there are measures that can potentially be taken to make these events covid-safe, and there have already been some events that have managed to implement certain measures.

For example, the UK government permitted the country's first post-lockdown gig where thousands danced without face coverings at a music festival in northern England

At the sold-out festival on Sunday in Liverpool's Sefton Park, 5,000 people chanted and sang along to performances by artists such as Blossoms, an English indie pop band.

This festival was part of the UK government's Events Research Programme (ERP), a pilot project designed to assess crowd control at live events ahead of the proposed lifting of restrictions on June 21.

Concerts might resume as early as this summer, depending on where you live; but, even with a vaccine, it may be some time before live music returns to normal.

Ticketmaster is exploring whether it is possible to connect digital tickets to your vaccination status or a negative Covid test with a mobile app, and bands including Steps and Little Mix have scheduled arena shows for November.

It is expected that concerts will take place outdoors which is more covid-friendly, and that if any events were to take place indoors, social distancing would have to be enforced.

Rapid turnaround Covid-19 tests at festival gates is another option, although the idea isn't without its flaws. Other proposals include thermal scanners, spraying fans with a disinfectant "fog" as they enter a venue, and interactive wristbands that vibrate to alert a lack of social distancing.

Anxiety with meeting again

Due to Covid rules, most people have been sitting at home and avoiding social activities for the past year — there are very real risks of being in public with other people. However, this has made us hyper-aware of our public conduct, which is sometimes counterproductive.

According to a new survey by the American Psychological Association, 49% of adults are concerned about returning to in-person experiences after the pandemic is over. And even after receiving the Covid vaccine, 48% of those who got it reported feeling the same way.

It’s important to use the science and guidance from experts and the government as a guide for your behavior and actions. It is also important to stay informed and up to date. Remember to also establish your own boundaries, don’t do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, and take things step by step, it's a process. It’s natural to feel nervous in new situations, but remember that negative emotions are not a sign you’re doing something wrong.

In a study conducted by Young Minds UK, it was stated that 79% of participants agreed that their mental health would start to improve when most restrictions were lifted, but some expressed caution about restrictions being lifted too rapidly as there was the prospect of future lockdowns.

Understandably many will be apprehensive about going to large events like concerts after a year of isolation. It can be hard to get back in the swing of things but remember that we are all in the same boat. Most people can agree that it seems a bit daunting and almost too ambitious to be talking about going to concerts again. But it is a process, always take baby steps and make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Other entertainment venues will begin opening step by step and in no time it will feel normal again to plan to go to a concert.

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